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  1. Smile is more contagious than the flu! You can not resist it.
  2. Smile is our first face impression.
  3. Children with a smile ability are born.
  4. Smile makes you more attractive.
  5. The smile in the whole world is a sign of happiness.
  6. Smile is internationa sign.
  7. Smiling is easier than frowning
  8. Smiling is lowering my blood pressure.
  9. Employers upgrade to smiling people (Smile at work)
  10. Smiling shows you a successful person.
  11. Smiling makes you happier
  12. Smiling will change your mood.
  13. Women smile more than men.
  14. Smiling reduces stress.
  15. Those who smile more are more confident.
  16. Smile strengthens the immune system.
  17. Smiling people are more successful at work and relationships.
  18. Smiling nineteen different types
  19. Smiling increse the lifetime.
  20. Smiling is the most recognizable face
  21. Smiles motivate 5 to53
  22. Humans are able to detect a smile from about 90 meters distance.
  23. Smiling make you younger.
  24. Smiles secretes endorphin (the natural body of the body)
  25. Smiles reducing the distances.
  26. Smile is a sport! Uses the muscles of the face.
  27. Smiling is better than frowning.
  28. If you are a lady, when you smile, more men will be attracted to you.
  29. Often people see women who smile more attractive than women who make up.
  30. The average smile of women is 62 times a day.
  31. The average smile of men is 8 times a day.
  32. 63% of women know their best photos of those whose teeth are visible.
  33. 99.7% people say that attractive smile is important capital.
  34. 74% of people believe that an unattractive smile can hurt their luck for a successful life.
  35. 23% of people think they look prettier with the closed mouth.
  36. 47% of people are beginning to notice your smile
  37. We buy 14 million barrels of toothpaste annually.
  38. When you talk to the phone, smiling will show you more intimate
  39. Smiling will help your life.
  40. Pretending to smile helps you get a better mood.
  41. Smiling, lowers the heart rate and calms the body.
  42. Smile profitable increases.
  43. About 50% of people smiling at you smile at you
  44. Smiling will destroy the pain and improve your mood
  45. Smiling makes you look more trustworthy
  46. Smiling young helps keep the cells.
  47. Smiling makes you look more creative.
  48. Smile is unconditional.
  49. Smile is like medicine.
  50. You do not need any translator to smile at any country you travel.
  51. We can usually express the difference between an attractive and unattractive real smile
  52. For people who smile constantly, it’s more likely that marriage will be more successful
  53. People rarely frown when someone faces laughs
  54. Just like the fingerprints, teeth are unique! Your smile varies with a different smile. So show them a smile.
  55. 48% of young people do not take photos of themselves on Facebook because of their smiles
  56. People who smile repeatedly report more prosperity throughout their lives.
  57. Adventures that often smile when working are more likely to receive more rewards
  58. Smiling, our bonus mechanism stimulates our brain in such a way that even chocolate – a pleasant and tangible stimulus – can not compete with it either.
  59. The smile of other people actually controls us on our facial muscles and forces us to smile.
  60. “47% of people say that an unattractive smile can hurt people’s luck for business or business success.”
  61. Children smile about 400 times a day, while the smile for adults is 14 times average.
  62. Communicate with your child and share the smile with others.
  63. Happy people usually do not get as sick as they are
  64. Matera Teresa: “Peace begins with a smile.”
  65. “By smiling strangers you can change life”
  66. Mark Towan: “Wrinkles should only be a smiley place”
  67. Marlene Moner: “Continue to smile because life is beautiful and there are plenty of things to smile about”
  68. Chris Hart: “The whole world of statistics can not measure the warmth and intimacy of the smile.”
  69. Eric Davis: “Get a lot of negative energy, work on it. But smiling is painless. I spend energy on smiling “
  70. Tom Wilson: “The smile of joy is right in front of you”
  71. Steve Wander: “The smiley face is like a star.”
  72. Phil Collins: “When you smile, your day looks prettier.”
  73. Phyllis Diller: “Smile is the curve that runs all the things. “
  74. Matera Teresa: “We can never imagine what a simple smile can do.”
  75. Dale Carnig: “Smile to those who receive it will empower you to get the power of those who smile”
  76. Liz Brown: “Smile gives you a positive image so that your surroundings will feel comfortable.”
  77. Cany Stevens: “Whatever you do is not more important than your smile.”
  78. Bryant H. McGill: “Your greatest smile is peaceful and that the world smiles at you.”
  79. Christy Brinkley: “Share your smile with the world. It is a symbol of friendship and peace. “
  80. William Arthur enters: “A warm and warm smile of kind and international language.”
  81. Max: “Smile is kind of welcome in international language.”
  82. Knut Han: “Make your life more beautiful with your smile.” “
  83. Harvey Wald: “Do a kind act. Help make someone smile. “
  84. Ann Roughy: “A woman who smiles and looks happy is a special beauty, regardless 84-of her coverage.”
  85. Joy Ericson: “Even smile is right.”
  86. George Carlin: “Everyone laughs in one shape.”
  87. BB S: “Let everyone know today!” Maybe it’s the only glow you’ll see all day. “
  88. Anonymous: “Use the smile to change the world. Do not let the world change your smile. “
  89. Charlie Chaplin: “If you only smile, you will find that life is still valuable. “
  90. Tannem Wilson: “The smile of happiness is right on your face. “
  91. Mary H Elderry: “Laughter is a smile that intensifies.”
  92. If you see your friend without a smile, you will smile at him.
  93. Martin CHARENIN: “You are never perfect without a smile.”
  94. Anonymous: “The world always looks prettier when it smiles.”
  95. Anonymous: “Anyone who has not smiled, you lost that day. “
  96. Max Maxim: “Smile is a kind of welcome in international language. “
  97. Chris Hart: “The whole world of statistics can not measure the warmth of the smile. “
  98. Anonymous: “More smiles begin by another smile.”
  99. Robert Harling, Steel Meg Nulais: “Smile! The value of your face will increase. “
  100. Anonymous: “A practical smile you can not leave is always with you.”
  101. Anthony JD Angello: “The smile is the key to unlock anyone’s heart.”

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