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Dr. Bahador Dorrani

Medical education number: 104504
D.D.S , MSc
Orthodontics Specialist
Jaw and facial abnormalities

Member of Iranian Orthodontic Association Member of American Society of Orthodontics Member of the Association of Orthodontists of Europe Member of Asian Association of Orthodontics Dr Bahador Dorrani has been treated with more than 12,000 patients and has 15 years of work experience And graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and several specialized certifications from the United States, Europe and Asia

Orthodontics is one of the specialized dentistry disciplines that, due to its highly specialized nature, is the first specialized dentistry department. A degree in orthodontic specialization is required during a three-year professional course, in addition to a six-year doctoral degree in dentistry. These courses are held full time in the specialized department of prestigious universities, which at the end of the course are called graduate orthodontist or orthodontist or orthodontic specialist. The Iranian Orthodontic Association (IOA) is a scientific, legal, and nonprofit organization formed by the orthodontist orthodontist in Iran, and works by organizing scientific meetings for orthodontists and dentists to improve the scientific status of the field. . Iran’s Society of Orthodontics also works with the public awareness campaign to provide accurate, accurate, and scientific information about problems with orthodontic treatment by people with inadequate academic skills. Members of the Iranian Orthodontic Association are admitted to the Iranian Association of Orthodontists by carefully examining the scientific evidence and possessing the necessary qualifications in the field. The important point is that patients should be aware of successful treatment before starting their orthodontic treatment. Are as follows: 1-Orthodontic Specialist’s Name in Physician’s Seal. 2- Physician panel with orthodontic specialist 3. The license of the medical center that is to be visible to patients.
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Dr. Bahador Dorrani

Orthodontic specialist for jaw and facial abnormalities