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Frequently Asked Questions in Orthodontics


What is the reason for using orthodontic treatment?

Having a beautiful smile
Better teeth performance
Increase self confidence due to beautiful smile
Better health of the teeth
Reduce the likelihood of tooth decay
Other dental treatments are easier to do


What age should a child begin to treat orthodontics?

Early orthodontic treatment in most cases can prevent fundamental orthodontic treatment in the future. Early treatment can prevent the patient from performing surgery or complicated problems. According to most experts, the first visit of a child is better at age 7.


Can an adult also apply orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age. Today, about 25% of orthodontic patients are adults.


Is Orthodontic Treatment Comes With Pain?

No Only in the first two days will be a very mild pain that will resolve.


What foods can be used during orthodontic treatment?

Do not eat rigid and sticky foods. Food that is too tight can cause braces to loosen. Fruits can be divided into small pieces before consumption.


Should I be brushing more during the treatment?

During orthodontic treatment, you should observe more oral hygiene because the food is stuck between the bracelets and the wires. Then use fluoride toothpaste and use fluoride gel before bedtime. And also use dental floss because it is very effective in cleaning up stuck foods.


How often does the expert examination take place?

Meetings depend on the needs of each patient. Typically, every 4 or 6 weeks must be met.


How much is the cost of orthodontic treatment?

The cost of orthodontic treatment is due to many factors, such as complexity and treatment time. Our assistants will determine the cost to you and the payment methods will be explained to you.


Does orthodontics cause tooth decay?

If a patient complies with the health during orthodontic treatment and complies with all the requirements, dental caries will not occur.


Is there an alternative to people with the appearance of orthodontic devices?

Today, with the advent of modern techniques, modern devices have been created, such as toothbrushes, orthodontics behind the teeth, or invisible orthodontics with transparent plaques. In cases where the patient is unhappy with the appearance of a metallic orthodontic device, he or she can use these methods.


Is it possible to have orthodontic teeth available?

Some orthodontic problems are so dramatic that they require early treatment. However, if the patient does not have readiness for treatment, her growth is monitored until appropriate treatment.


What are the tasks of the first session?

At the first session, the treatment plan is estimated and the cost of treatment is estimated. After the decision, you begin to imaging the teeth.


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